practice areas

Civil & Intellectual Property Litigation

Civil litigation

We help companies and individuals resolve a broad range of disputes. Over the years, we have represented clients from Fortune 500 companies to small and solely owned businesses and individuals. No matter who our client is we provide individualized representation tailored to fit each client’s specific needs.

Our approach is to identify and clearly define the specific goals of our client and then develop a litigation strategy designed to efficiently achieve those goals. In some instances, the client’s goals can be achieved through counseling, alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, or negotiated settlements. When more aggressive tactics are required, we employ our years of experience litigating matters in state courts, federal courts, before arbitration panels, or before other administrative panels.

Intellectual property litigation

With regard to intellectual property we have a wealth of experience working with businesses and individuals to protect and leverage their products and ideas.

In addition, we routinely represent clients in various IP disputes in arbitration and in Virginia state and federal courts.