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Elder Law & Special Needs Planning

Elder law

We are dedicated to serving older adults and individuals with disabilities. This often involves analyzing a family situation to determine the best path forward to provide the necessary care for a loved one. This can range from supported decision-making arrangements and powers of attorney, to guardianships and conservatorships for those who need significant care or protection. We pride ourselves on thinking creatively so that our clients can best honor their loved one’s wishes while also taking appropriate action to protect them.

Special needs planning

For those who need to plan for a loved one with special needs, there are important decisions to consider in order to protect federal and state benefits (whether received now or potentially in the future). A special needs trust is the primary asset-transfer vehicle to be able to provide for a family member with a disability, and allow that individual to retain critical state and federal benefits.

Special needs planning does not just mean special needs trusts. We will guide you through the variety of considerations that you need to make regarding special needs trusts, ABLE accounts, the intersection with Social Security and Medicaid benefits, and other issues related to planning for a loved one with special needs.