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Estate Planning, Fiduciary & Estate Litigation

Estate planning

It is critical to have an estate plan in place. Whether you have worked for an entire lifetime and seek to provide for your family and secure their futures, whether you have a unique blended family, or whether you just had your first child, it is important to work with an attorney to develop an appropriate estate plan.

With proper planning, your estate will be distributed to the people or organizations that you decide, and in the manner that you decide. This may be accomplished by a simple Will or may require a more complicated trust.

This planning almost always includes powers of attorney and medical directives for a time when you are no longer to make decisions for yourself.

We are well situated to explain your options for asset transfer and other necessary components of an estate plan, and to prepare the necessary documents. It is our goal to prepare an estate plan for our clients that they understand and will be effective for years to come.

Fiduciary & estate litigation

Many individuals are designated or agree to serve as the administrator of an estate or trustee of a trust without full understanding the complexity of these fiduciary roles. It may seem like learning a foreign language and overwhelming, but our office regularly guides executors and trustees through this administration process and can help ensure the administration is as efficient as possible.

It is not uncommon for disputes to arise between beneficiaries of an estate or trust, for beneficiaries to have complaints about the administration of an estate or trust, or family members to have concerns about the validity of a Will. We represent financial institutions, trustees, executors and administrators, and beneficiaries in disputes arising out of these fiduciary relationships.

In addition to being skilled litigators, our attorneys regularly serve as fiduciaries for trusts and estates, which allows us to also advise clients on the practical implications of a dispute.